For Providers

At Oklahoma Ketamine Center, we provide depression therapy treatment using Ketamine at sub anesthetic doses. Our licensed medical professional staff will administer the infusion. They will also control the rate of the infusion during the treatment. Each session lasts for about 50-60 minutes. During this time, the patient does not lose consciousness.

Ketamine Checklist Requirements

Pre-Infusion Requirements and Provider checklist includes:

  • Copies of the patient’s treatment plan which includes their prescribed medications as well as a full medical history
  • Psychiatric evaluation which includes the Beck’s Depression Inventory Scale (can be provided at the center)
  • The patient must be screened for hypertension, seizures, and untreated heart disease. This is equally important because it can disqualify them from the Ketamine treatment (can be provided at the center)
  • Obtain drug screen: (Must be within 1 week of first infusion, this can be done at the center)
  • Referral form from your practice

Beck's Depression Inventory Scale

We use the Beck’s Depression Inventory Scale to track the patient’s progress throughout the treatment. This will help us to see the improvements through each sessions. On an average, the score prior to any treatment is around 34-38. A score this high is considered severe. Over the course of several weeks, the patient would have had several Ketamine treatments. Their scores usually drop to around 6 or below at this time. Therefore, it is pertinent that the patients come back after 90 days to receive a maintenance boost session to keep their depression scores low.

Your Practice and Ketamine Therapy

Oklahoma Ketamine Center requires the patient to continue to make their regular scheduled appointments at your practice. Our treatment is an adjunct depression therapy to yours. In addition, regular visits to your office will allow your practice to keep track of the patient’s improvements.  It is up to you to decide if the patient needs to come back sooner for their maintenance booster shot. Furthermore, we highly suggest including the Beck’s Depression Inventory Scale to your treatment plan to test your patients’ depression levels at every session, if possible. 



Patients who have an uncontrolled hypertension and seizures may not be a candidate for Ketamine therapy. Those who are abusing prescription drugs or illegal drugs are also disqualified from this treatment. Therefore, we require the patient to submit to a drug test before proceeding. 


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